Meditation for Business Results

“When there is alignment between:
the What (the purpose of the organisation)
the Why (the needs of the people) and
the How (the business systems)
 A direct link is established between the organisational needs and systems with the personal goals, values and fulfilment of its people.Right actions flow more easily.”

Questions for every leader

1.Do your managers really know what your key people think and feel about the organisation, or how to engage, stimulate and retain them?

2.Are your people adaptive, self motivated, energized, engaged, invested, loyal, innovative, clear and focused in their actions? If not, why not?

3. Do they feel alignment between their personal well-being, their sense of purpose and how they spend their time working for you?

This deeply experiential half day workshop aligns and engages the business, its customers and its people through simple meditative techniques specifically designed for application in a business environment.

In my years running an advertising agency I learned that spending money to attract external customers could easily be wasted if the key people within the organisation were not feeling engaged enough to really follow through.
And in the twenty years I have been a leadership coach, plus delivering management training,I have seen first-hand how and why situations arise where the people in an organisation feel out of touch and uncertain as to whether they can actually contribute to meaningful change.
I have also discovered that we all have our own “Personal Source Code” our unique operating system and without our understanding how it works and how to re-write it, our attempts to change are seldom sustainable.
When I developed The Art of Not Doing (c), a program designed to give people skills to achieve more with less effort, I found that people loved learning new ideas which empowered them to tap their inner resources and focus on what was important. But participants would often ask  how they could create more alignment between their personal values and goals and those of their organisation, leaders and managers.
That was why I developed the Power of Alignment. A program where creative diversity of ideas and true bottom-up participation meets top down thinking from senior management. By using specific meditation techniques, real adaptive, transformative change can emerge in a structured and creative environment.



Many leaders say that finding and retaining the right talent remains one of their biggest challenges.
Substantial budgets are spent on recruiting, training, motivating and incentivising key people. Yet, in spite of this, 39% of HR managers surveyed report that performance management is failing.
The new normal is one of contract workers, gig economies, Brexit, unaffordable housing, AI, robotics, blockchain, changing shopping habits, changing expectations and needs.
Paradigm shifts, disruptive technologies and evolving business practises require new skills and approaches to traditional management training and professional development.


  • Meditative and mindful states of consciousness . Plus the proven levels of brain activity as they relate to innovation, creativity and resilience.
  • How to use visualisation and contemplation to communicate effectively with our unconscious mind.
  • Quick and effective centring techniques that can serve as instant reminders whenever needed at work or in difficult situations.
  • The fastest way to align your thoughts and actions at the start of every day. The power of simplicity.
  • Our “personal source code” and how we can waste energy trying to change our behaviour and outlook without rewriting it. 
  • Our “corporate source code” – the unwritten rules of the organisation that can sabotage change.
  • How to calibrate where you are now, where you want to be and what to focus on to get there.
  • How our body reflects our inner state and responds to help us with decisions.
  • How to integrate body (soma) and mind (psyche) and purpose (why) to better understand ourselves and others and quickly check we are on track.




 Business owners

C-Suite executives


Anyone with an investment in improving business focus, engagement, retention, innovation , productivity, work satisfaction, professional and individual development.


I have been an international business coach and mentor working throughout the UK, China, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore for over 20 years, with more than 10000 hours experience in leadership development, personal effectiveness, communication and influencing skills.
As an advertising copywriter and sales trainer, I spent most of my earlier career studying human behaviour and how to influence people. And I put my knowledge to work as a global freelance consultant and as a negotiator in international trade.
I served on the Board of Governors of the International Association of Coaches and I am a member of the Hong Kong International Coaching Community. As an aside, I am a Freeman of The City of London and a qualified instructor in Aikido (The Martial Art of Harmony) which proves highly effective in somatic work.


Barclays, Nissan, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, the BBC, British Council, Channel 4, Coca Cola, The Disney Network, Orange Telecoms, Astra Zeneca, British Telecom, Virgin Atlantic, Prudential Assurance, Santander, American Express, Puratos, The National Health Service, Royal Sun Alliance, Westminster College, Lane Crawford Hong Kong, various legal, accounting and architectural practices, local government and numerous large organizations. I have lectured in business strategy at London’s City University and was a guest speaker on leadership at Sheffield Hallam University in UK.

*Note that The Power of Alignment is a new program. The above clients have received either coaching or training from me, but not as yet in the Power of Alignment.


1) One-to-one coaching in the principles and how to apply it.
2) Team coaching – how to use and run POA. Suits small groups 2-6 people
3) Half day workshop on The Power of Alignment – for larger groups 4-12 people, a group experience . Ideal for introducing the principles in larger groups.


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